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communion-of-the-apostlesCOVID-19 RESPONSE

The next two Sundays, March 29nd and April 5th, 2020, St. Anthony’s Orthodox Church will not be open to public for worship.

This action is regrettable yet our church is in compliance with what our Father & Metropolitan JOSEPH has directed for all churches. The Clergy will celebrate the Divine Liturgy “for all on behalf of all”. 

Please go to our Facebook Page (OrthodoxButler) for more information and links to Online Worship Services and Home Worship Service that you can download.


So What is LENT all about?  Is just some checklist of what to give up? A list of how we simply try harder to look be better at Christianity.  Consider these reflection in the video below:

“Showing joyfulness of soul in the Fast, let us not be of a sad countenance for the change in our way of life during these blessed days will help us to gain holiness” (Lenten Triodion).