Welcome Home!

The Holy Apostles



Beginning June 14th, 2020,  St. Anthony’s Orthodox Church will be open to the public for worship. We must practice social distancing which means all must be seated or standing more than 6 feet apart and remain masked. When coming forward to receive communion, one removes the mask and then replaces the mask after partaking and returns to a position 6 feet from one another.  Please remain 6 feet apart in the queue for communion. Thanks Everyone!  Be safe and Be well. 

(Note: The COVID-19 outbreaks and the global pandemic response is ongoing.  We ask those who may have medical conditions that are chronic and persistent to be mindful and careful should you seek to attend the Divine Liturgy at this time – We will continue streaming service on our Facebook page).

Please contact (email) Fr Bogdan Bucur or Fr. Martie Johnson for details by clicking “Contact Us”.  

 Our church is in compliance with what our Father & Metropolitan JOSEPH has directed for all churches along with the civil authorities of Allegheny and Butler County, Pennsylvania to curb the spread of the virus and limit the number of people gathering for commercial, social, religious, and civic activities.  


God Bless You!