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Saturday May 26th, 2018 – Vespers Service – 1830 to 1930

Sunday Worship: May 27th, 2018 

Matins (Morning Prayers) 0900 – 1000 

Divine Liturgy (PENTECOST SUNDAY)  1000-1130

This year’s Bishop Report, Click  HERE

This Week’s Reflection: Follow Christ to Heaven by receiving the Holy Spirt here and now.

The Ascension of our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ is celebrated each year on the fortieth day after the Feast of Pascha (Easter).  The Feast is always celebrated on a Thursday. The Feast itself commemorates when, on the fortieth day after His Resurrection, Jesus led His disciples to the Mount of Olives, and after blessing them and asking them to wait for the fulfillment of the promise of the Holy Spirit, He ascended into heaven.

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