Giving Tuesday: The works of faith

Charitable Works & Almsgiving: Loving Our Neighbors in Need


Supporting International and Local Communities

As Christians, we are blessed to be a blessing to someone else, no matter what circumstance God’s providence has delivered to us.

As Orthodox Christians, we are invited “to commit ourselves, and one another, and our whole lives to Christ, our God.” During both of the Lenten (fasting) Seasons, prior to the birth and resurrection of Christ, we do our best to fast, pray, and give alms to the world around us. We are called to love our neighbor as God loves us with all of our talents, treasure, and time.

We are asked to love God and love our Neighbor, and “this is the ‘Essence of Christianity’  [because] nothing can so make a [person] an imitator of Christ as caring for his neighbors. We cannot take our wealth with us when we depart from here, but we can take our charities.” (St. John Chrysostom, 4th Century – See Luke 16:9).

Thus, we believe in Christ and hold that it is “better to be of a humble spirit with the lowly (poor), than to divide the spoil with the proud” (Proverbs 16:19, See: Luke 3:10-11 and Hebrews 13:16).

Our Mission group currently hopes to support two charities year round, and this is how we can help.

  1. We give of our time to The Lighthouse Foundation by volunteering to help feed and empower people here in Butler County to sustain their lives or ‘begin again’ in a positive direction.
  2. We give our effort to the International Orthodox Christian Charities group by providing “Health Kits” that we assemble once a month and send to people around the globe. IOCC helps people on every continent who are rebuilding their lives and families after wars, famine, and natural disasters and often require the most basic necessities.

There are many charitable organizations that offer help and healing to the world. GIVING TUESDAY is a great time to think of others and support organization that help people. Other agencies where you may wish to offer help could include:

So, how will you do your best? Will you consider helping us help others? Join us as we offer a hand up to those who are knocked down in this life.