The Basics of Eastern Orthodoxy


Where does this Church come from?

Is the Church Evangelical? Why don’t I know about it?

Want more information?

Drop in on a Worship Service and speak to an Orthodox Christian or Priest. A person of the faith is the best source! Also, there are many great books to read about the Eastern Orthodox faith. When learning and living the faith, Orthodox Christians are guided by the Holy Spirit which guides the Church. With Jesus Christ as the head of the Church, Orthodox Christians learn from: the bible, icons, and the lives and writings of the saints from the very beginning of the Church which was begun at Pentecost. To learn more, we recommend (and we offer to those, who in prayer and contemplation seek to join the faith, these 3 items to get started):

1.)  We believe ‘THE CREED’- The Symbol of the faith

2.) We believe the BibleBible Photo.jpg3.)   Introducing the Orthodox Faith by Fr. Anthony Coniaris

Reflection on the Creed is the beginning because, it represents the entirety of the faith. The text, “Introducing the Orthodox Faith” is a great book to quickly and easily begin the journey of discovery about the beliefs and life of the Church as understood by its members (it’s a great guide to what is believed, why it is believed, and how beliefs are lived). Lastly, icons are a critical element of the faith. As you may have seen in Orthodox Churches, Icons are at the center of the Prayer life of Orthodox Christians and are a major component to learn and appropriate the truths of faith as we worship Christ. To learn more, use our contact page and bring your questions!