The Journey to Pascha (Easter)

Lent: Choosing to put God First

Every year Orthodox Christians revisit and reflect on what it means to be people who love Christ and follow him.

Orthodox Christians make a journey to Easter (Pascha) by renewing their efforts to live a spiritual life in this world. This deliberate rededication happens during the time of Lent. The Lenten period asks people to put God first in their lives and relationships. It involves people doing their very best to go to church regularly, care for the poor, pray, fast, and contemplate how powerful biblical readings during this time call us all to be faithful. Consider the brief video below (click link below).


Join us on the journey to seek a change of mind about who we are, what we are and where we are going in life. The journey of Lent always has been and always will be another chance to change our mind so that we can open our heart and receive Christ.

All are welcome to worship and discover the truth that Christ loves us and that we can learn and follow His way of love and faith to the Kingdom of God in a life that is truly human.